The Ramblings and Simple Thoughts of Ahimsananda

Here you will find the Short Writings of Ahimsananda.
These Ramblings are short Prose and Poetry on the Non-Dual Life.

Tears ? , because these are writings from the Heart.


Friday, February 25, 2011

Where only Love Dwells

I take my stand

in that space between

God and myself,

where only Love Dwells.

Faces in the Mirror

Through Love's Childlike play,

my face, and God's are reflected

in the same Mirror.

Gratitude and Trust

Each Dawn, in the Sunrise, I am Gratitude.

Each eve, in the Sunset, I am Trust.

The Empty Vessel

"The empty vessel catches the Rain."

Complete Understanding

"When you completely understand

that there is no complete understanding,

your understanding is complete."

Love in Action and in Silence

The disappointment of finding our image of "God" is illusion,

is quickly overcome by the Realization that we are
God's" Love in Action and in Silence.


‎"God" and "I" are One,

when "God" and "I" are not.

Love in Action

"Instead of trying to impress others with our "knowledge"
and clever humor,

why not simply lose the "self" in Love?

There is more Truth in the act of

wiping a sick person's backside,

than in all the Spiritual texts put together."

The Last Duality

After we have discerned the real from the illusory,
the interior from the exterior,
we need to resolve the duality of
both interior vs. exterior and real vs. illusory.

Hang On!

When religion, thought, and mind are seen through,

and the "other" stands naked as illusion,

all that is left is to embrace Life with the

illusory arms of Love, and hang on.

Without Tears

The chill wind blows.

The crimson-yellow leaf

shivers and falls,

without tears.

The falcon and the dove dance.

The falcon; the dance of life,

the dove; the dance of death,

without tears.


"Like the Bubbles from a Child's pipe,
thoughts, concepts and worlds arise in luminous fascination;
only to burst into a sudden shower of nothingness."

An Open Mind

‎"A Truly Open Mind Accepts All

and Clings to None."