The Ramblings and Simple Thoughts of Ahimsananda

Here you will find the Short Writings of Ahimsananda.
These Ramblings are short Prose and Poetry on the Non-Dual Life.

Tears ? , because these are writings from the Heart.


Monday, June 27, 2011

The Love that Lives Between

If you and I,

and all we see,

are products of the mind.

An open wound,

a broken heart,

are often what we find.

We seek for God,

we seek for peace,

we separate ourselves.

We try to find some

answers in the books

upon the shelves.

But God and we

aren't separate,

when all is said and done.

The more we look,

the more we see

that God and we are One.

When words and thoughts

speak not to us,

and "God " dwells in the mind,

The only truth is

Silence now,

no "I am " can I find.

Without the "me",

without the "God",

the Truth is plainly seen.

The only Real that ever was;

The Love

that lives between.

Monday, June 6, 2011

I sat alone today

I sat alone today

and left behind the

"I am".

I sat alone today

and emptied my head

of self/no self.

I sat alone today

and dangled my toes

in life's answers.

I sat alone today

and cried for sorrow

and for Joy!

I sat alone today

without the "I am".

I simply was.

Friday, June 3, 2011


"Love, like a drop of dew,

falls gently on the quite stream

of Love itself,

and "life " begins.

Like the ever widening ripples

stirred by the single drop,

life goes on until it returns

into the stillness of the stream."

Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Ink Flows Freely

The ink in the pen,

like all perceived,

is Love itself.

With words,

either drawn

upon the brain,

or laid to paper,

I lose the very image

given on a cloud.

Clear in heart

but vague

in consciousness,

tears of recognition

run down the cheek.

Oh, that I could

hand it to you

like a ripened plum.

Perhaps you might

seek the tree

to which I point.

Finding the Fruit

is your affair.

Consuming it's essence

is silent, singular.

Perhaps the

tree of life

to which I point,

will expose it's fruit

and you will be

consumed in the consuming.

I can give only

the Love that flows

from the pen.

pointing where it may.

Given by Love itself,

the ink flows freely.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Unfolding Love

Unfolding from between the soft hiding places

of Father's coat,

we sally forth,

safe in Love.

Imagining mountains and valleys

in the unfolding of the sheets and blankets

around our toes,

life is unfolding in one



bumbling pirouette.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Love's Expression

Does this "story" of Love become "real"

in my writing it,

or in your reading it?

Or is the reality in the

Love expressing itself as "both"?

Ramana's Smile

"If I allow you to


Ramana's words

for me,

who will be found

to interpret

Ramana's Smile? "